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Kidz Eatz

Kidz Eatz

In 2020, the Alpha Gamma Teacher Organization received a request from school counselors to provide weekend food packets to children in need. They went to work with only $600 and ended up delivering $10,000 worth of goods that first year, thanks to generous donations of individuals, churches, and other groups. The next year, they doubled the amount of assistance.

Now, the teachers and friends of Kidz Eatz distribute 990 meals per weekend (at a cost of over $1,100 per week) to children in six schools and two additional schools when requested. Each packet is discreetly placed in a student’s backpack and includes six meals, two snacks, and two fruits. Clothing, shoes, snacks, and emergency items are also delivered to many schools.

Kidz Eatz relies solely on the contributions of churches, groups, and individuals. Volunteers do all the work, and every dollar of donations goes to food for children in need in Baldwin County. Every $7 you donate will pay for one packet.

Kidz Eatz

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(Kidz Eatz, Prodisee Pantry, The Lighthouse, Penelope House, Manna Food Pantry, Baldwin County Sheriff’s Boys Ranch or Baldwin County Humane Society)